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While keeping a track of a zillion keys, it’s possible that you might lose sight of a few. Keys can be copied discreetly for use later, you might have to rekey the locks every single time you fire someone or suspect that a key is stolen and the logistics involved in designating and monitoring access is simply too cumbersome. Is there an easy way out? Yes, there is! We recommend combination locks , a simple, inexpensive alternative to your conventional locking systems that will put an end to your key management woes. How? Read on:

Advantages of using combination locks:

  • Keyless: Worried your keys might get copied? With these systems, you don’t have to – because there are no keys at all.
  • Easy to use: You don’t have to shuffle through heavy key rings any more. These variants can unlock by simply entering the assigned sequence of numbers/characters.
  • Shared access: Sharing access to the lock is as simple as sharing the code/sequence with the employee to whom you wish to designate access to. You don’t have to make any additional key copies to hand out, like in conventional systems.
  • Easy reset: Do you feel that the access code has been compromised? Don’t worry! There’s no such thing as rekeying with these systems. All you need to do is reset the lock and assign a new code.
  • Cost-efficient: Although higher priced than their conventional counterparts, combination locks are a worthy investment. They require minimal upkeep, do not require rekeying services and you also don’t have to spend on getting keys made. This translates into greater savings in the long run.

Types of locks available:

You don’t have to look elsewhere to get the best combination locks installed in your property. Wood Dale Locksmith Store holds a huge collection of locks in its inventory. Having teamed up with the top lock manufacturers, we procure the latest and the best quality locks for the benefit of our commercial clients in Wood Dale, IL area. Some of the options available include: Electronic and mechanical keypad locks, three-digit luggage locks, single-dial, multiple-dial locks. From locks for the simplest purposes to those for high-security safes, we’ve got it all.

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